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Recycling in every room

Hello there!  As you can imagine I’m always looking for clever ways to recycle that bit extra around the house. It’s easy-peasy to reduce the amount of rubbish you have and you can find lots of things to recycle too, even in odd places!

Take my gaff for example; let’s start with the front door.  What about all those annoying flyers and junk mail you get?  Once you’ve read them, they can go straight in your recycling bin.  You can stop them delivering junk mail in the first place by simply registering with the Mailing Preference Service – it’s a doddle to do and doesn’t cost a penny.  You can also ask your postie to stop bringing you unaddressed mail by using the Royal Mail opt-out service.

Right let’s have a look in the kitchen next – you might remember we recently had a trip through time to talk about reducing food waste?  I love my grub so if you’re like me, there’s not normally much food waste in my house but  if you do have any leftovers, why not visit  Love Food Hate Waste?  They’ve got loads of great tips on reducing food waste and lots of tasty recipes to boot!  Don’t forget all the cardboard packaging you find in the kitchen – along with plastics containers, tins and even cans of squirty cream there’s loads of stuff that can be recycled! You can even recycle all those cleaning sprays and plastic bottles you’ve probably got lurking in the cupboard under the sink – just make sure you empty those containers out first by giving your kitchen a good clean and polish!

Phew, after all that cooking and cleaning I think we deserve a nice sit down in the lounge.  Look at my new telly; it’s got all the bells and whistles!  I did feel a bit sorry for my old one but I found it a great new home for it online. There’s loads of sites where you can get rid of your old stuff. You could give your old belongings away at places like Freecycle or if you fancy yourself as a bit of a wheeler dealer and want to make a bit of extra cash, try Preloved or eBay!

Did you know you can also recycle old CDs, DVDs and old games?  Find you nearest  HWRC “media bank” or alternatively why not pop along your local charity shop. There are loads of good causes out there that would love to receive your donations.

Ok, so let’s go up the stairs next to the bathroom.  There are loads of things in here that can be recycled.  Shampoo bottles, shower gels and lots of aerosol cans … they sure do make me smell nice! To be honest, I don’t know what half of it is but I do know that me and Mrs Bernie always make sure they are empty and give them a quick rinse before they go in our recycling bin!

Finally, don’t forget about all those old clothes you’ve got in your bedroom cupboards.  I personally pride myself on my extensive wardrobe – so every now and again I need to have a good clear out!  I always make sure I take my old clothes to a charity shop or pop them in to a textile bank when I’m down the shops or if I’m going to my local Recycling Centre. It makes me feel better about getting new stuff if I know my old things are going to a good home to be re-used. And the charity benefit too – A win-win I’d say! Even if it’s just a few bits and pieces, all your old clothes could be just what someone else is looking for! Right’o now I’ve seen my bed I’m ready to nod off – shall I show you out?