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I love a good video – they’re a great way to tell you all about recycling. We’ve made quite a few over the last couple of years, which you can see here. They’ve all been very successful and have really helped Suffolk recycle even more. My latest video not only tells you about what can go in your recycling bin, but also about those things that can’t go in!

Getting Your Recycling Right In Suffolk

Discover what you can and can’t put in your recycling bin at home, as well as a wealth of new information. Are you unsure about how to dispose of electricals and glass? Well, you’ll find all you need to know in this video!

Making Food Waste History

This video outlines 4 simple ways to waste less and save more! Keep watching until the end for our special offer on home composting bins.

You can now recycle even more!

Find out more about what you can and can’t put into your recycling bin.

Plastics Know Your Place

Confused about which plastics can be recycled? You’ll find all the answers here!