What You Can and Can’t recycle

Do you know what can and can’t go in your recycling bin? We’re doing really well with our recycling but we’re still getting a lot of unsuitable items in the recycling bin, which is causing us quite a few problems at the sorting facility. Remember that all the materials need to be clean, dry and loose when they go in. Together we can get it right and recycle even more.

Download the campaign leaflet here.

Can recycle

Empty Aerosols



Metal Pots, Pans and Trays

Steel and Aluminium Cans

Aluminium Foil

Roll your foil into a tennis ball size



Plastic Bottles

Wash, squash and put the top back on

Plastic Pots, Tubs and Food Trays

Plastic Pots, Tubs and Food Trays

Including black plastic food trays!

Can't recycle


We can no longer accept bagged or loose textiles

Plastic Bags and Film

Food Waste

Electricals and Batteries




Gas canisters

Crisp packets and food pouches

Small stuff e.g. loose bottle tops and shredded paper

No items smaller than 4cm

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Clean Dry And Loose Please!

Remember, when you put your recycling bin out for collection, please keep the items:


Giving your food containers a quick wash stops your recycling going mouldy and getting too smelly. It keeps all the other stuff like paper and card clean too.


Making sure your recycling is dry helps maintain the quality and stops it all sticking together. Wet items can spoil the other materials in your bin – especially paper.


It’s much easier to sort your recycling when it’s loose. Plastic bags can get caught up in the machinery during the sorting process and therefore bagged recyclables may be rejected.

Following these simple steps will help us make the most of our valuable resources – by recycling just a little bit more you can help reduce the impact on our environment and keep costs down!